Started in 1981 in radio shows and evenings for radio. Spotted by club bosses, the beautiful adventure began for Goldfinger …
Begins his career in New wave, followed by the big boom of the New Beat ..

His first residency at La Forge and Calypso for 5 years was the springboard to the legendary Mackenzie Label and Mackenzie / Heaven Club. Resident for 14 years next to Pat Mackenzie and Jean-Pierre Fasseau ..
And all these years at the Mackenzie Club & Heaven Club rubbed elbows with Eric Powa B, Phi Phi, Franky Jones, Kevin Jee, Marko la Rocca, Yuri, Ghost, Hs, Cp, George’s, Top Laurent, Franky Jones, Frank Zolex, Rudy Mad Club …
Resident at The Bush in Room 2 Retro House with Olivier Pieters and Tee Cee ..

Resident for 6 years at the Star Rock Café in Tournai.
In guest at Scaramouche, The Club, HyQ, Cabrio, Boccatelli, Jaguaris, Mana Kea, Balmoral, Holy Ghost, Catacombs (Roselaere), 48 hours bush. Casmates of Mons, Palladium, Bush, Escape, Pulse Factory, Fuse (Mad Club), after club the Kings in Aalst.
In 2003 residence Barabarocks and Ephemeral (Soignies)
In 2004-2006 residence Alcazar of Mons.
Since 2006 resident for the Vintages evenings.
In 2006 Star Rock Cafe, Trendy Bar, Zoo Club, The Impact.
In 2013 to 2015 Alcazar of Mons
In 2014 to 2016 Resident at Half Bar Club & Batextllroom Club of Mons.
In guest at 2015 at the Villa and participated for 4 years at the Bush Meeting at Pulse.

In 2017 Uses his real name Marc Denuit and announces his return in progressive House!
DJ resident “O.N.I.B” with Bruno van Garsse (New beat, acid, Retro house) with Olivier pieters, Phil Watts …

In the studio there for now 3 tracks progressive deep house will release an ep under the name Fracture.

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